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eddington lodge cabins 

 Purpose built for Eddington Lodge in Bude, these beautiful log cabins were designed in collaboration with our client to ensure their ideal holiday homes were created.

See more about Eddington Lodge

Lugarde logcabin image

Installed near London, this Lugarde Log Cabin was constructed to provided an office space for our client.  Although not visible to the eye this log cabin holds an additional 1.5 x 2m storage space.

Measuring under 2.5m high, this option provides the perfect solution to add additional space to your home without the need for costly extension. Buy this summerhouse


A  Bespoke 7m x 4m 44mm Clockhouse log cabin installed for a tennis club in Cheshire. With a black shingled roof and painted in complementary colours this stunning cabin was completed with a cedar decking. 


Lugarde summer house with hot tub

 This Lugarde summer house was installed in Knutsford Cheshire an amazing space was provided to allow our clients a tranquil area away from their hectic home curved trims around the pointed roof and a unique light green and black colour scheme give this summer individual flair bespoke design allows our clients. See more Lugarde Summerhouses


A 3.8m x 3.1m 44mm Log cabin installed for our clients as a therapy room. Fully insulated enabling all year round use. The electrics and plumbing work were also completed for this client giving them a turn key building.

sauna log cabin painted red 

Above is an example of a promotional log cabins. One of our simpler designs for a garden building,it is still of exceptional design and quality.

At Beaver Log Cabins we also offer a bespoke design service, allowing our clients the opportunity to design their log cabin from top to toe in order to reflect the personality of your home and garden wholeheartedly.


    See more information about Residential log cabins                                                                                              

Summerhouse for sale at Lugarde

This perfectly designed Lugarde Nadine summer house is an ideal garden addition for dining alfresco. With its olive green and cream colour scheme, this elegant summer house provides a spacious and functional centrepiece for your garden . Buy our Lugarde Prima Nadine


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1_ bedroom_log_cabin

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Clockhouse cabin

The Clockhouse log cabin and veranda gives the perfect place for relaxing outside. With double glazed windows and doors, and its namesake clock in the centre of the building this amazing garden pavilion is sure to be a talking point for visitors. Checkout out Clockhouse today!


A 4m x 3m 44mm Truro log cabin supplied and installed in Over Alderley .This cabin is to be used as an office but also has a 8ft x 6ft storage shed incorporated to one end. With the main body painted in white and the double glazed windows and doors painted black , this stylish office makes a statement.         

            tweedal garden building exterior view             

Our Bespoke Log Cabins design service allow you to apply the individual characteristics of your home and garden's personality into your garden building. 

This 5.5x5.5m installation has quality cedar decking with a sunken hot tub in the log cabins porch. What a stylish way to enjoy and relax in your garden with friends and family .


A Bespoke 2.75m x 7.5m log cabin with canopy. Our client in Reading has a great work/life balance with this building that serves as both a home office and a hot tub shelter.


Bespoke 7.5m x 3.5m 44mm log cabin installed in Aylesbury for use as both a home gym and an office.


Chester garden cabin

 Built in Chester, this log cabin was selected by our clients to provide a home office space for them to seperate there family life from work. For as little at £10K this garden office boast a 20 square metre floor space with full electrics supplied and installed by our approved electrician. View more today!


This Stockton Log cabin was installed in Ailsbury for our client to be used as an entertainment space . Fully insulated enabling them to use the cabin all year round and after fitting a bar area within the cabin it makes a great party room .

Congleton studio clockhouse

This quality log cabin was supplied to a local photography company near Congleton in Cheshire.  The building was used to set up a photography studio in the garden, with the decking area being utilised as a sitting area for customers. This exemplifies the commercial functionality of our log cabins. They can be whatever you want them to be. 

 See more Photo gallery images


Most affordable log cabin supplier in Hampshire

 A beautiful 3.5 x 2.5m Log Cabin in Hampshire, allows for a home office space that blends into the garden. This log cabin has 44mm wall, double glazed windows and door and includes our floor and roof insulation kit this allows Mr M to use his home office in all seasons. 


home gym garden cabin chester


 This contemporary garden building and veranda at the front of the building offers the perfect place to relax and unwind.  With the internal room as a home gym, this Wild thyme and Jasmine white coloured Log Cabin provides a stylish place to relax or work out. Building in Stockton heath near Warrington our client now enjoys this building with family and friends all year round.

                                       7 x 7m Residential Log Cabin, large master bedroo en suite

This 7m x 7m holiday home log cabin has an open plan living room and kitchen area. With its twin walls, 100mm cavity and 19mm internal cladding, we have been able to conceal all wiring and provide additional insulation allowing a residence fit for all year round living.

Adding the 1.5 metre canopy and veranda allows for a lovely place for our client to enjoy the views on their South Wales farm.


Summer house cabin Warrington

  This summer house erected in Warrington, provides a stylish storage space. This garden building is a very popular choice for our UK customers due to its multi-functionality. Its uses go beyond storage and our broad range of colour schemes means it can be designed to suit all personal tastes.

Summer house suppliers in Cheshire

This insulated 3.5 x 3.5m summer house, installed in Cheshire, exemplifies how a Log Cabins can be used to make the most garden no matter the size or shape.

In this particular image the timber building is not yet painted but Beaver Log Cabins can provide you with a pre-painted garden building in the our translucent colour options for any lugarde garden building.


2 bedroom residential log cabin to meet UK building regulations                                                        

This Residential Log Cabin installed in Essex is fully insulated and meets UK building regulations, representing the ideal option for outdoor living. It houses 2 very large bedrooms, an open plan kitchen and living room and a family bathroom. The pressure treated weather boards finish this home fits in its rural surroundings. 

Residential log cabin in Essex, is the best supplier in the UK

 This 3 Bedroom residential log cabin picture is of the same cabin completed with 3 bedrooms, sitting in the amazing landscaped garden our client has provided the most prestige home we have seen today. Built and exeeding full Building regulations this superstructure is both super insulated also wraped in an inteligent membrane your costs to heat this 120 square metre home will be very little, The superstructure was stained with sikkens Pine, that provides an amazing finish home.  

Joining the Residential Log cabin family not only allows for the embracing of an eco-friendly lifestyle, it also allows for long term cost savings. You could see reductions in your water, gas and electric bills as well as being a fraction of the price of a brick installation.


Contemporary garden offices by Lugarde

This stylish Lugarde summer house, built in December 2012, provides a contemporary garden office and children’s play room.  We work hand in hand with the Lugarde suppliers, to make your Log Cabin vision happen with us.

See the full Lugarde range

Cheap log cabins supplier to the kent area 

Our Beaver log cabin B2080 garden building provides a quality functional garden office and storage shed.  This affordable garden room has provided our client with a great place to work all year round. The garden building includes high quality tilt and turn windows, double glazed doors and windows and a wide range of secure locking systems of your choice.


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Berkshire premier log cabin and timber building supplier

This Beaver log cabin B2126 (8.5 x 4.5m) was installed in Berkshire.  This garden building is one of our standard designs but with a twist of the gascet sealed, double glazed tilt and turn windows with the double doors, which represents how easily a standard design can have bespoke features implemented to your specification.

Surrounding the Log Cabin with decking allows the client a lovely sitting area to enjoy the best of the weather on.

 Commercial log cabin manufacturer in cheshire

 This Commercial Log Cabin in Cheshire, is being used by a local Bowling club. With an additional 22m x 5m shooting gallery it will be used to develop the next generation of Olympian shooters from the North West and exemplifies how incredibly functional our Log Cabins can be for both private and commercial use. 


Lugarde 3.5 m x 3.5m Corner Log Cabin

This quality cabin erected in Cheshire, is an affordable way to make the most of your garden space. This 5m x 3m cabin is part of our promotional range which can be designed to suit your budget without compromising on quality.

See more of our Promotional Log Cabins


residential cabin Scotland

This 5.5 x 4m Clockhouse Log Cabin is situated in the highlands of Scotland, enjoying panoramic views over neptunes staircase.  This amazing building was selected by a family with living in an eco friendly manner at the heart of their priorities. With a Log burner and eco-friendly roof tiles they chose this building as it certainly compliments their eco-living.

Log cabin garden office

 A log cabin can offer a multi-functional and cost effective solution to starting a new business. Setting up a new business can be costly but our Bespoke Log Cabins are cost effective, with the above cabin having paid for itself over 3 years and now only has day to day running costs.

This use of space has the potential to house 3 beauticians, 2 nail engineers, a tanning room and a reception area and really represents the extensive options available for the commercial use of our Beaver Log Cabins.

Hot tub and log cabins by beaver log cabins

This 4 x 4m log cabin with a 2m canopy and veranda is the perfect space to make outdoor living enjoyable all year around. This garden building is perfect to be used for a guest home or a relaxing area to garden escape. This is a popular choice, and the extra addition of a hot tub.

Made to measure garden buildings at beaver log cabins

Under 2.5 metres high this made to measure garden building sits on a timber foundation the bespoke summer House can be used for a variety of functions from storage to recreation to hosting guests.

Twin wall garden building supplier

Lugarde buildings are the perfect outdoor living space.The tilt and turn windows and the doors are all double glazed and can be secured with a variety of lockling systems to ensure the safety of your log cabin, whatever it's function.


A 4m x 3m 44mm log cabin with a 4m x 1.5m veranda kit installed for our client in Shrewesbury. 


Log cabin Farm building unpainted


Our Log Cabins can provide the ideal cost effective commercial storage solution for a local farm. This solid, secure building has double glazed windows and has our secure locking system as standard because high quality and your security is paramount at Beaver Log Cabins. This particular log cabin is also perfect for a one bedroom residence.                                                  

inside Lugarde Nadine summerhouse

  This Lugarde Nadine log cabin shows how an individual personality can be applied wholeheartedly Beaver Log Cabin installation. The contrast of the colours used work perfectly, easy on the eye and gives the timber building that rustic summer feel. The washed white wood floor and the light torquise green with the lght cream side walls just sit perfectly together.  Your log cabin can be transformed to whatever your imagination allows.

made to measure timber buildings manufacturer in the uk

This stylish 44mm home office was supplied and installed at Anglesey in North Wales, At 3 metre x 7 metres this space will provide our client comfort all year round when working 10 years a day. The roof and floor has been insulated with 50mm kingspan wth an internally cladded timber roof.  


 A bespoke 8m x 4.5m 70mm log cabin with 3 x double glazed double doors and a black shingled roof. Finished in a paint colour of our clients choiice this stunning cabin makes the perfect pool room.


  Our clients in Cheshire required a building to use as a scoring room for their bowls competitions, this 3m x 3.5m 44mm Lugarde Alabama suited their needs perfectly. Insulated and finished with a black shingled roof and guttering kit

See all the Lugarde range


 This Lugarde Alabama was installed for our clients in Cheshire.They chose two complementing colours to finish their cabin and it makes a lovely addition to their garden.

Details for the Lugarde Alabama


 A bespoke 5m x 4m log cabin with double glazed double doors and double glazed windows finished with Georgian bar detail. Fully insulated and painted in our clients choice this cabin in Sandbach makes a perfect addition to their garden.


  This bespoke 8m x 4m 44mm log cabin installed in Woking  has a 500mm overhang with posts which creates a lovely feature. Double glazed double doors, large double glazed windows and a black shingled roof along with full insulation enable all year round use. Painted in our clients choice to complete this beautiful garden building.


  A 4m x 2.2m cabin with double glazed tilt and turn windows and double doors , epdm rubber roof and double insulated roof and floor.For use as additional office and storage space for a client in Cheshire.


 Our client in Chester required a bespoke log cabin to fit a space in their garden. This 2.4m x 2.4m 28mm bespoke Lugarde was installed with a double glazed single door, double glazed windows and a black shingled roof finished off with a roof finial.See more in the Lugarde range


This beautiful 3m x 2.7m 44 mm log cabin was installed for our clients to provide a relaxing space for them to enjoy their stunning garden and complements it perfectly. It was insulated and fitted with external and internal lights to enable them to use it whatever the weather or the time of year.The ebony recycled plastic decking completes this idealic garden in Cheshire.


 This Truro Log Cabin is 4.5m x 3.2m with 44mm log and has an internal wall seperating 1m to one end to provide a storage room. With double glazed windows and double doors this duel purpose log cabin fits our clients needs perfectly.


  The Lugarde Colorado provides a stylish alternative to the tradional brick built garage.This 3m x 5m garage installed in Cheshire was finished with a black shingle roof and complements our clients garden while providing the storage they require.

See the Lugarde Garage range


 This 4m x 4m 70mm log Flat Roof Garden Office was constructed for our client to work from home. The building was insulated to enable all year round use.Double glazed tilt and turn windows and double doors complete this stylish office .

log_cabin_bar_roomThis 4m x 3m 44mm log cabin was installed for our clients in Surrey to provide a space to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. Complete with a bar area this cabin is the perfect place to entertain and unwind.


This 3.8m x 3m 44mm log cabin installed in Chester was finished with Georgian bar timber casements to the windows and doors to make a sylish feature to the classic Clockhouse design.

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