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The Roofing shingles we supply have a very high UV resistance, all shingles are SAA fire rated and will last for many years. Our shingles provide the ultimate finish to protect your building. Shingles are designed for roofs with a 12° and above pitch they are widely used on residential, Industrial and many other buildings including garden buildings and log cabins.

The top layer of tiles is surfaced with coloured slate granules that give colour to the tiles which also ensures a high UV protection. The slate granules are cured in high temperature which ensures the pigment is burned into the granule.
The bottom of tiles is coated with adhesive polymer-reinforced bitumen layer protected with easily removed silicon membrane. As a result of a little exposure to the sun, the overlapped tiles stick to each other thus forming a double waterproofing layer, which guarantees excellent leak resistance of the roof. Approx Size of each shingle 1000mm x 317mm Total area covered with each shingle pack is 3sqm Standards conformance:

1.Thickness: LST EN 1849-1

2.Weight: LST EN 1849

3.Flexibility: LST EN 1109

4.Stability under exposure to heat: LST EN 1110

5.Relative elongation: LST EN 12311-1

6.Nail-tear resistance: LST EN 1231

7.UV resistance: LST EN 1297

8.Drop-off of mineral surfacing: LST EN 12039

9.Flammability: LST EN 13501

ATTENTION: Beaver Log Cabins is not responsible for any water leakages due to incorrect tile installation or improper preparation of the roof deck by an individual without the use of a professional fitting service. If you are not 100% sure on the installation of our shingles please contact us for advise, or you can use our proffesional fitting service. NOTE. We recommend using galvanised Clout nails to fix the bitumen shingles. If you are going to put tiles at outside temperature lower than +15°C degrees, please preheat black sealing belt zones or use extra mastics to ensure waterproofing. To avoid the shingles sticking to each other in a pack they should be away from direct sunlight or heat. To help seperate these in the pack you can simply bend the pack and shake it.