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Garden Offices

Create a place to live,work or relax .Garden Offices are a cost effective solution to beat the daily commute and create a designated work space away from the home. With the implementation of flexible working initiatives being at the heart of human resource strategy for many organisations, the number of people working from home has grown exponentially in recent years, and the trend for garden offices for the home worker has grown respectively. Advances in communication technology have made it possible for many people to work from just about anywhere, and a log cabin is an ideal way to keep work seperate from the home whilst remaining in close proximity.

What are the Benefits of having a Garden Office?

Although home offices are still popular, more and more people are enjoying the many benefits of having a garden office detached from the home. The proverbial garden shed has traditionally been the refuge of the harassed husband, but now both sexes are reaping the benefits of shed working. Garden offices help people to overcome the hurdles of working from home. Interruptions from family members, visitors dropping by and a lack of distinct boundaries between work and home life are some of the biggest drawbacks that people encounter. Even a dedicated room in the house doesn’t guarantee immunity from these nuisances.

Add Value to your House

A garden office can also be thought of as an investment. It could be a unique selling point if you decide to sell your house in the future. A garden office could even add up to 5% onto the value of your property. Once you decide to move your office into the garden, there is also the bonus of freeing up more space inside the house. Become more productive Moving to a garden office is a great way to increase productivity. Distractions and interruptions are less likely, leaving you free to focus. Having this quiet space to yourself can unleash your creativity and problem solving skills, which means that you can take your business or career to the next level. Garden offices can be fitted with everything you’ll need for a comfortable work environment. Heating, electricity, double glazing, insulation and other features can be installed. This means that our garden offices are complete home office solutions that can be used all year round.

An Ecological Solution

The ecologically minded will be pleased to learn that shed working drastically reduces carbon emissions because there is no commute. Beaver garden offices are fully insulated, so they are energy efficient. We also use sustainable timber which has natural insulating properties.

Do I need Planning Permission?

Many home workers choose to have a smaller garden office, because in most cases, they don’t require planning permission. This means that you could have your garden office installed quickly. We are happy to answer your questions and give you advice regarding this matter, although we also advise you to seek further information through the government planning porthole. This is because the homeowner is responsible for ensuring that their garden office conforms to planning regulations. If it doesn’t, the sale of your house could be affected and you could be asked to dismantle the structure.

An Emphasis on Quality

We source the best quality materials for our garden offices and pride ourselves on the high standard of our design and manufacturing techniques. Our outstanding fitting and installation service is manned by highly experienced professionals.

Bespoke Garden offices

If you have seen an existing model from our garden office range that needs modifications, we can happily accommodate your request. We also design and manufacture bespoke garden offices. If you have a vision for a unique work environment, we can deliver exactly what you require. Call our friendly team today on 0845 to discuss your garden office, so you can boost your productivity and free yourself from distractions.