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Residential Log Cabins

mobile log cabin

When it comes to choosing a Log Cabin for residential purposes we hope you will be very surprised at how many options are available from Beaver log cabins. Cabin living can be a quick and cost effective solution.

Timber Buildings are becoming more and more popular for residential buildings year on year.

We have been developing a range of buildings that are not only cost affective but have all the most important areas covered and we will not stop there, with all the rules and regulations regarding residential buildings we are continuously moving with the times.

Gone are the days where twin skin log cabins are the only choice of well insulated Log Cabins we now have a number of options available from enormous single log construction where the log itself is the insulator to a single 70mm wall construction with breathable membranes, foil backed insulation and then finished internally with a choice of cladding to suit your personal requirements or taste.

All our buildings are built to a very high standard and comply with the caravan act as mobile homes, this can be a huge benefit as the building can then be VAT exempt and will also avoid UK Building Regulations.

Building regulations are put in place to safeguard any work that is carried out and ensures it is done to a safe standard nearly all buildings under 30m squared or any buildings that are transportable or mobile are exempt of these regulations, this is why we are passionate about what we do, we have many years in manufacturing here in the uk and in over last four years took our manufacturing abroad to keep our prices competitive.

In doing so we have taken our work ethic overseas to our mill to ensure that all our buildings are built to the standard we believe we are known for.

If you require building regulations we have no problem in submitting our buildings to a UK registered structural engineer to gain the appropriate reports, this is something we can have done for you or we can provide all plans for you to submit yourself.

The main reason for us not to include full building regulations is that requirements vary from county to county, simple things like the location is affected by the weather which in turn can affect the structural report due to snow loading or wind resistance.

Working in this way allows us to provide a building that is not only affordable but safe and built to the standard we would expect from our own manufacturing here in the uk.

“Building Regulations” this can be a frightening aspect of any residential self build home, as there is no rule book wrote in a way me or you could understand.

This is something we have past experience of and already build all our buildings as close to the rule book as physically possible.

We always ensure when working with building control we work closely with you as the customer to ensure all regulations are met and understood.

To ensure the building is structurally safe building control would ask for the following main reports from qualified professionals:

• Structural Calculations: Structural Engineer

• SAP Report: Energy Assessor

• Electrical Certificate: NICEIC Approved Electrician ( or equivalent )

• Gas Safe Certificate: Gas Engineer

We could try to be a jack of all trades but we feel its best to stick to what you know and get the right professional people for the right job, this will entail hiring a professionals who will provide us with reports or calculations and specifications to work to ensure the building meets all building control regulations.

As a family run business we are fortunate to have a wide variety of professional trades at our deposal, this ensures the job can be run smoothly from build through the first and second fix stage to the final handing over, we can do as much or as little as you require.

Residential Log Cabins

When it comes to choosing a Log Cabin for residential purposes we hope you will be very surprised at how many options are available from Beaver log cabins. Cabin living can be a quick and cost effective solution.

Residential log cabin to live in


Log cabin to live in

It is very important that planning laws and building regulations are followed as you as the customer is ultimately responsible to ensure compliance with any relevant regulations however Beaver Log cabins are able to help and advise with this process but it is always advisable to consult Local Planning Authorities and the Building Control Service prior to building.

Log cabin kitchen

Most log cabins have a very distinctive look on the outside, this does not mean that you are required to have that look on the inside, you can choose to have the look of log walls, or can have drywall installed and give the finished look of a regular home. That is one of the great things about choosing to live in a log cabin as a residential dwelling. You get the benefit of the unique exterior and the choice of what kind of interior you would like to have.

     garden annexe internal view Bathroom images

Another thing that may prevent some people from looking into living in a log cabin as a residential dwelling is the notion that log cabins only have one floor. When you choose a log cabin as your home, you can have a basement and a second floor if you so choose (subject to planning permission). The technology used to build log homes enables them to have everything a standard bricks and mortar home would have but with that very distinct timber log cabin look.

Beaver residential log cabins are all insulated buildings making them a viable and cosy option for all year round usage, check out our Twinskin range of insulated buildings . Any questions you may have concerning a timber log cabin for residential usage please give us a call  0845 65265290845 6526529

Further helpful information, please click on the the following links:

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