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Our help and tips are here to help make the process a bit simpler.

With so many different options available it’s very easy to pick a Log Cabin from a brochure then realise later that the cabin you chose is not suited to your needs so it is worthwhile to take a little bit of time, call us for some advice and plan the ideal building to suit your requirements

• Understand the ideal size Log Cabin you need, take your trusty tape measure and go out to the garden or plot and measure the area you are thinking about installing the Log Cabin.

• Remember Log Cabins do require painting all around and have a roof that overhangs on all sides. As a guide approx 600mm or 2 feet will be a suitable maintanance area, this applies to most of our buildings. .

• Most Log Cabin measurements are metric (millimeters, centimeters and meters) this will help you navigate through our website. Conversion is 328mm = 1 feet, and 1 meter = approximately 3.28 feet. Now you have confirmed the size of your Log Cabin, you can pick a Log Cabin style, some people like the Swiss Chalet style, other people like the Clockhouse, or even the contemporary flat roof.

• Think about what you need the Log Cabin specifically for, a 4m x 3m would not be suitable for a pool table, but a 5m x 4m or bigger will be suitable.

• Perhaps you’re looking for something completely different? Maybe an L shaped or a multi room cabin, this would be a good time to contact us by email or phone to discuss your requirements .

• Think about other people, for example your neighbours or people passing in the street, also your log cabin size choice may require planning permission; visit our log cabin planning department for more information. Now it is time to choose your wall thickness, doors and window requirements

• If you’re just looking for a log cabin to enjoy outdoor living in the summer with family and friends then a 28mm or 34mm would be a perfect choice. 44mm and 70mm make the perfect multi function building that will allow you to enjoy all year round use, the difference between 44mm and 70mm becomes relative by the cost to heat the building in the winter. Twin skin log cabins are the perfect choice for all year use and will offer very small costs to heat in the winter.

• Positioning doors and windows may be dictated to you by the positioning of your log cabin and the surrounding landscape.

• Door selection is generally very easy as all our log cabin above 34mm include double glazed glass. The only thing you need to choose is single or double doors and where to install them.

• Working garden offices are very popular, we would suggest you to think about the window sizes and positioning to ensure plenty of natural light, also keep in mind a standard desk is approx 720mm or 2 ½ feet tall. So a full length window would look out of place if you’re looking to place a desk inside. To encourage more light into your log cabin this can be done by adding more doors or windows. For increased airflow, a solarventi SV3 unit is an ideal addition to the Log Cabin. All Log Cabins are supplied with no roof membrane or roof covering.

• We always recommend roofing shingles; our hexagonal shingles can be supplied in 3 colours Black, Green or Red.

• Our Floor and Roof insulation packages are available for all Log Cabins. This package consists of double foil insulation boards installed inbetween the floor bearers and on the roof of the cabin. The benefit of installing the insulation on the roof is to reflect the heat in the summer and retain the heat in the winter ttherefore reducing the cost of heating the building dramatically.